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I am totally not digging the names for IV and III.

Our IV that plays in RP was named Skyler, and the other one Vulcan… who I ship with….. but really? Thomas for IV? then there’s the stupid thomas the train jokes… I just can’t take IV seriously anymore.

And as for MY name??? REALLY? first of all you can’t even spell it right (that’s my biggest issue) and people are saying its 3 diff names when it’s like me-hail or something… IDK.

They just aren’t suiting. They suck. IV is a badass, he should have a badass name.

And IDK I prefer the name Valor for III. it’s regal and profound and adorable. Whatevvver. Done ranting XD

Ps - I do like Chris for V though, that was pretty. Proper. Christopher. Yeah I dig that.

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